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Blue Badges for Disabled Parking

About Blue Badges

Blue Badges help you to park close to where you are going if you are blind, cannot walk far or are unable to use parking meters. You can use your Blue Badge if you are:

  • a driver or a passenger for street parking
  • in disabled bays in council or private car parks for which there may be a charge.


Removal of requirement to display tax discs

Please leave your disabled nil disabled tax disc on display when parking in our car parks

To help our Officers to identify the vehicle as having a nil disabled tax category we request, in the interim, although no longer required by law, motorists leave the nil disabled tax disc on their vehicle even after it expires

The concessions offered to disabled drivers in off street locations vary between local authorities. The DVLA has been liaising with all stakeholders including local authorities around what information can be made available to them from the records they hold. We are currently looking at ways to continue to administer the concession.

No decision has yet been taken by our Councillors on whether to vary the level of concession in Bournemouth. If a decision is made to alter the concession we will publicise this so that motorists are aware of the change.


Important Changes to the Blue Badge Application and Renewal Process

Central Government announced a reform programme for blue badges in February 2011. The aims of this included ensuring fair allocation of badges, improving customer services, reducing fraud levels and delivering efficiency savings.


What does this mean?

  • A new online application form is available via
  • A new style badge is now being issued
  • The badge is produced by a central government appointed company and sent to the applicant's home address
  • The cost of a badge is now £10. Badges will still be valid for up to 3 years, depending on individual circumstances.
  • Where an assessment is required this will be undertaken by Bournemouth Borough Council staff and not GPs.
  • If you already have a blue badge this will remain valid until its expiry date.

Further details on the Reform of the Blue Badge scheme can be found on the Department for Transport website|.



Applying for and renewing a Blue Badge|

Who Blue Badges are for|

Using a Blue Badge|

If your details change|

Blue Badge problems|

Misuse of a Blue Badge|

Contact the Blue Badge Team|

Who Blue Badges are for

You automatically qualify for a Blue badge if you:

  • get the higher rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (we ask you to provide a copy of the letter confirming you receive the allowance or vehicle excise duty exception certificate)
  • are registered blind
  • get a War Pension Mobility Supplement or have been assessed as having a permanent & substantial disability by the Service Personnel & Veterans Agency (SPVA) & been awarded a benefit under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) (we ask you for a copy of the letter confirming you receive this)
  • have a vehicle supplied under the Motability Scheme
  • regularly drive but have a disability in both arms and cannot turn the steering wheel by hand or cannot use a parking meter.

You may qualify if you:

  • cannot walk far because you have a permanent disability
  • have a child under 3 who needs bulky medical equipment or treatment
  • are an organisation that transports disabled people.

You will not qualify if you have a mental illness, learning difficulties or behavioural problems unless this gives you permanent difficulty in walking.

The Department of Transport leaflet Can I get a Blue Badge?| tells you more.


Do I need to be registered as disabled?

You do not need to be registered as disabled to apply for a Blue Badge. However, you must meet the criteria to apply.

Are temporary badges issued?

No, Blue Badges are only issued for permanent disabilities.

Applying for and renewing a Blue Badge


Blue badge applications are an easy process which can be done yourself, at no cost, without the need to go through any third party agency.


Applying for a Blue Badge for yourself

If you live in Bournemouth apply online| or phone 01202 458744


Applying for a Blue Badges if you have a terminal illness

We fast track your application if you are terminally ill.

You can only apply through your GP, specialist community nurse or palliative care nurse.

We do not need a photo, signature or fee for these applications.


Applying for a Blue Badge for an organisation

The organisation must provide transport for people who would qualify individually. 


Renewing a Blue Badge

A Blue Badge is normally valid for three years. Please ensure that you submit your renewal application at least 4 weeks before the badge is due to expire.

If you move please let us know| to make sure we use the correct address.

The cost

There is a charge of £10 for the Blue Badge. You may also pay £1 for a disabled sticker for the rear window of your vehicle if you choose.

Using a Blue Badge

Who can use a Blue Badge

You can use your Blue Badge when travelling in a vehicle as the driver or a passenger.

No family member, friend or neighbour can use your badge unless you are travelling with them in a vehicle at the time.

Where you can use your Blue Badge

You can use your Blue Badge anywhere in the European Union. How they are used varies from country to country.

The Department of Transport's website tells you about the rights and responsibilities of Blue Badge users in England.  |

Find out more about using your Blue Badge outside the European Union.|

Where you can park

Directgov's interactive Blue Badge map| shows Blue Badge parking bays in the UK, local council parking rules, accessible public toilets, and much more.

You can also find out more about parking in Bournemouth for Blue Badge| holders on our website.

Is parking free for Blue Badge holders in a 'Pay and display' car park?

Free parking is not automatic for Blue Badge holders.

We recommend you check signs in each car park.

How to use your badge

Display your badge on the dashboard of the vehicle. The badge must be clear to see. It should show the side with the wheelchair symbol and the expiry date.

If things change

Moving in Bournemouth

Let us know| your new address as soon as you can. We can change our records to make sure we send your renewal reminder to your new address.

Moving away from Bournemouth

Let us know| your new address. Your badge remains valid until the expiry date. When it expires you need to re-apply to the council in the area you have moved to.

If the badge holder dies

Let us know| the name and address of the badge holder and the date of death. You should also return the badge. We can then make sure no further correspondence is sent.

If your mobility improves

One of the conditions of having a Blue Badge is that you inform us of any changes to your mobility. If your mobility improves, please write to us| and return the badge.

If the badge is no longer required

Write to us| to return the badge and tell us why it is no longer required.

Blue Badge problems

Lost or stolen Blue Badges or clocks

Report a lost or stolen Blue Badge and/or clock to the police. They give you a lost property or crime number.

Then write to us| to let us know:

  • your full name and address
  • why you need a replacement
  • the lost property or crime number
  • and include:
  • a passport-size photo with your name written on the back
  • your signature.

 There is a £10 replacement fee for lost or stolen badges.


The Blue Badge expires

You must not use an out-of-date badge.Please ensure that you submit your renewal application at least 4 weeks before the badge is due to expire

You need a replacement disc/clock

Phone us 01202 458744 for a replacement. There is a £1 charge.

Parking tickets issued when using a Blue Badge

To appeal against the parking ticket contact the parking services section that issued it.

Their details will be printed on the Penalty Charge Notice.

Misuse of a Blue Badge

Let us know if you think a Blue Badge is not being used correctly. You do not need to give your name if you prefer not to. We will look into the misuse and take any action that is needed. Please tell us:

  • the name of the badge holder or serial number of the badge
  • model, make and colour of the vehicle
  • how you think it is being misused. 

Contact the Blue Badge Team

Phone: 01202 458744

Email:  |


Blue Badge Team, Customer Services Centre, St Stephen's Road

Bournemouth, BH2 6EB

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