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Help us keep Bournemouth clean and free from litter

We’ve got a number of ways to deal with litter to keep Bournemouth a pleasant place for everyone to enjoy.

We provide litter bins throughout Bournemouth and encourage everyone to use them.

We also provide a street cleaning service for highways, public footways, pedestrian areas, car parks and many public areas across Bournemouth.

The busier the area, the more often we clean it. For example, the main shopping areas in town get cleaned most often.

We also:

  • Clean road signs and street furniture
  • Remove rubbish from Council land
  • Empty litter bins before they become full
  • Help with locally organised litter picks
  • Hand-pick litter and rubbish from pavements or grass verges
  • Use mechanical sweeping to clean gutters and roadways
  • Get rid of chewing gum in pedestrian areas
  • Clear major leaf falls from roads
  • Collect discarded syringes and needles

Report full litter or dog bin

Please report a full bin to us


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