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PestControl Membership Scheme



Join our business membership scheme

The principle behind our scheme is to demonstrate there are alternatives to businesses entering into contracts for pest control services. We recognise that there are circumstances where pest control is needed and ‘due diligence’ by some businesses is essential, particularly in the food industry.


How does the scheme work?

Membership involves a joining fee with the Councils Pest Control Department which relates to the size or nature of the business. That business is then entitled to discounts and 60 day free cover for the target pest after eradication.


What are the costs?  

Business size

Membership fee

Rodent Control fee

Exclusive discount rate



Minimum charge £135 inc VAT




Minimum charge £135 inc VAT




Minimum charge £135 inc VAT


* Insect control on quotation


Within this structure there are three options businesses can adopt:-

  1. Reactive Membership
  2. Proactive Membership
  3. Contract Membership


What are the Membership Options?


1. Reactive Membership -

This is on a call out basis only, and all pest control work/surveys are carried out until control is achieved. The above charges are current until 1 April 2012. Our normal working hours are Monday—Friday 8.00 to 16.00. although there can be flexibility. Out of hours work may incur an additional charge.


Reactive benefits include:

  1. Same day response
  2. Experienced in house pest control technicians
  3. Comprehensive survey and treatment
  4. 60 day free cover after control is achieved for the target pest
  5. The back up of other council departments


2. Proactive Membership*

This scheme offers 1—3 inspection surveys per year. (see example table below). The number of visits a business would require is dependant on the type of business, its building structure and location. This would all be clarified and discussed at the initial free survey. Call outs and working time conditions will be the same as the Reactive Membership.


Proactive benefits include:

  1. All the benefits of the Reactive Scheme.
  2. Inspection reports highlighting any addition measures clients need to take to maintain good working practices.
  3. Reports will, and only where this applies, ensure clients are demonstrating ‘due diligence’ (only at the time of inspection).
  4. Additional checks, where appropriate, to identify other local rodent problems, to anticipate potential threats to your premises.


Business size

1 Inspection per year

2 Inspections per year

3 Inspections per year













*Membership fees apply (see Membership set up costs above)


3. Contract Membership*

This is a standard contract agreement. The client will also be entitled to the membership discounts for non contracted pests.


Contract benefits include: 

- You receive all the other schemes benefits.

- Our undivided attention. We believe individual customer care is essential to the delivery of our service.

Email us| for more information or give us a call on 01202 451655

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