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Car Boot Sales

Great Fun! Some Risks!


Car Boot Sales are enjoyable events and do a lot of good for worthy causes. Although for many this is an ideal opportunity to sell unwanted items, increasingly, traders have moved in posing as private individuals selling their own goods.


Unhappily, there are dangers, as some see Car Boot Sales as a way of avoiding proper safety rules, rates, taxes and fair trading regulations. They may sell illegal or dangerous goods.


Problems at Boot Sales


Electrical Appliances - which are incorrectly wired, have worn flexes, decaying insulation, poor earthing and live parts.


Toys - with sharp points or edges or poisonous paint, choking hazards like loose fur and small detachable parts.


Out of Date Food - sold after it’s “use by” date.


Counterfeits - including cheap video and audio tapes, clothes, shoes, perfume, tools.


Drugs - in a first aid kit which should be available only on prescription.


Stolen Goods - including bicycles and car spare parts, hi-fi equipment.   


Your Rights

If you buy from a Boot Sale your legal rights are limited. A private seller is only controlled by the Sale of Goods Act in that the goods must be as described. You can take him/her to Court but you will have to find him/her first.


You will have no legal rights to a refund if the stereo you buy from the private seller does not work or the cassette tape is scratched and of poor quality.


If you suspect a person selling is a trader rather than a private individual - ask for a receipt  with their name, address and telephone number just in case the goods are faulty. 


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