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Street and Property Name Index

View the Street and Property Name Index| (PDF)

Once you have the file open, you can find a road or property name by using the Adobe Acrobat text search facility.

Guidance Notes

  • Roads or parts of Roads with no Registered Electors

These are shown marked with an asterisk

  • Roads in more than one Polling District

If a road is included in more than one polling district, the entries in the index relating to that road are in alphabetical order of Polling District identifier letters.

  • Roads Extending into adjoining Local Authority areas

Where a road extends into the area administered by another local authority, this fact is noted underneath the entry relating to that road, indicating the name of that other authority.

  • Polling Districts, Wards and Parliamentary Constituencies

Bournemouth, for electoral purposes and like virtually every other local authority administrative area, is divided into geographical areas know as wards, of which there are now 18, the number having been reduced following the Periodic Electoral Review carried out by the Local Government Commission.  Each ward is divided into three or more polling districts (which are each identified by a two-letter reference followed by a number, the two letters being an abbreviation of the ward name). These identifiers are shown in the first column of each page of the index, the ward name being shown in the second column. The ward names and polling districts included in them are shown at the bottom of this page, together with information as to which parliamentary constituency they are included in.

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