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Real Nappy Campaign




Have you ever thought about using real nappies?

The thought might fill parents and would-be parents with horror but the fact is washable nappies have come a long way in the last 30 years.


What are real nappies made from?

Today’s real nappies are made of lightweight fluffy materials, are shaped to fit your baby comfortably and often feature colourful, funky designs. And nappy pins are a thing of the past with today’s designs having Velcro, plastic grips or poppers for easy fastening.

What’s more, using washable nappies, even alongside using disposables, can lead to huge cost savings being made as well as reducing the amount of waste going into landfill.

By opting for real nappies, parents can save an average of £500 per baby. Even more saving can be made by using real nappies for subsequent babies or by selling on your nappies after use. But it may be the initial cash outlay for real nappies that puts some parents off.


See the Go Real video



Bournemouth's real nappy incentive scheme

To encourage parents to overcome the cost hurdle, Bournemouth Borough Council is offering parents the opportunity to claim £30 off the price of real nappies with a minimum spend of £45. Parents can apply for a voucher beforehand to redeem against participating retailers or claim cash back (on production of an itemised receipt) afterwards, for example when purchasing from internet-based real nappy suppliers|.


What is the criteria to apply?

Please note the following criteria must be met to receive the £30 incentive:

  • A minimum spend of £45 in a single transaction is required on real nappies, real nappy products (liners, outer wraps, solutions, nappy bucket) or real nappy laundry services
  • Babies must be aged 18 months or under at time of application
  • Parents will be asked to provide proof of Bournemouth residence by sending in a photocopy of their Council Tax Statement and proof of the baby’s birth or pregnancy by sending a photocopy of the baby’s birth certificate or the MAT B1 form
  • Only one claim can be made per baby
  • If applying for cash back, parents must provide proof of purchase by sending in a photocopy of the itemised receipt. The receipt date must be within six months of application

How can I apply?

To start the application process please complete the following real nappy scheme application form| and return it to:


Recycling & Waste Team

103 Southcote Road




Or for more information please contact Customer Services on 01202 451199 or email the recycling team |.


Real nappy facts

  • Disposable nappies account for 3% (by weight) of all household rubbish in the UK - in Bournemouth that’s around 2,520 tonnes or the same weight as around 720 elephants!
  • One baby in disposable nappies for two and a half years costs upwards of £1,000. Long term, by opting for real nappies, parents can reduce their nappy bill by an average of £500 per baby
  • Every disposable nappy ever used is still in landfill, they may take up to 500 years to break down
  • It takes one cup of crude oil to produce the plastic for each disposable nappy
  • To produce enough disposable nappies for Britain’s demands each year, seven million trees are forested - that’s around 70 square miles of forest and approximately four and a half trees per child. Some of the paper is derived from ancient forests, which have existed for hundreds of years and house many unique ecological species

Useful information

Real nappy tips|

Real nappy retailers local and online|


If you are a Dorset resident and would like more information on the incentive scheme offered by the Dorset Waste Partnership, please visit|

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