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The Role of a Keyholder


Your role as a keyholder

The role of the keyholder is to provide help to a person with the home alarm if they are contacted by Careline|.


This means that we might have to phone you at any time during the day or night.  When we call you we will ask you to either check the wellbeing of the person or give them practical help, for example, letting them into their home if they have locked themselves out.


If the caller can tell us that they need the emergency services (for example, if they have fallen and hurt themselves), our operators will call 999 immediately.


As a rule, we always recommend two nominated keyholders when we install an emergency alarm for someone.


This means that we have a better chance of getting help to a person if, for any reason, one of the keyholders is unavailable (for example, if they are on holiday).  It also means that the responsibility can be shared between two or preferably more people, and should help make sure that there is always someone available.


If you are happy to be nominated as a keyholder, we will keep your name, address and contact phone numbers on our records.  We will only use this information if we need to call and ask for your help.


All the information we hold on our systems is stored confidentially under the Data Protection Act.



If a service user is unable to nominate two keyholders we suggest one keyholder and a keysafe.


A keysafe is a sturdy, secure, combination opened box that is fixed to the outside wall of the house.  A key to the property is placed inside it. Careline note that combination number on their computer system.  It would only be given out to allow entry to the emergency services if this was required.  It enables them to gain access without damage to the property.  If entry had to be forced otherwise, the cost might be payable by the service user.


If an alarm call is made and the keyholder cannot respond, Careline will call the emergency services, either to do a welfare check or to respond immediately depending upon the circumstances.


Keysafe Only Service

If a customer has no keyholders we would respectfully insist that they have a keysafe fitted in order to use the Careline service.  This is so that access to the property can be achieved in the event of an emergency.  Keysafe codes in this instance are only given to emergency services professionals.

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