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Rent Arrears

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It is important that you pay your rent regularly to prevent your account falling into arrears.  If there is unpaid rent it means that the Council has less money to invest in the services we provide to you.  If you have rent arrears then you should pay them as quickly as possible.


If you are having difficulty paying your rent you should contact your Housing Officer| immediately. The sooner you tell us about it, the quicker we can help

When you contact us we will:

• Make an affordable repayment arrangement with you

• Give you advice on how to get help with money or debt problems

• Give you advice on benefits that you may be entitled to

• Not take any further action against you as long as you have made an affordable    repayment arrangement and keep to this

If you have problems please keep us informed.  Do not ignore rent arrears or any letters from us or other requests to you to contact us.


Housing Benefit

You may be entitled to housing benefit to help you pay your rent.  We can provide you with a housing benefit application form or you can contact the Housing Benefit team.


If you are having problems paying other bills, debts or are finding it difficult to budget, then you will find useful information in our Welfare and Debt advice| section.


What will happen if I do not clear my arrears?

If you do not clear your arrears or do not keep to an arrangement made with us, we will take legal action to recover the money you owe us and to repossess your home.  If we do take legal action, it will be because all attempts to contact you or arrangements made with you have failed to resolve the problem.




What should I do if I am waiting for housing benefit to be paid?

If you are waiting for housing benefit to be paid you should tell us.  A housing benefit claim should be dealt with within 4 weeks of your form being received. Usually your housing officer will be able to tell you what housing benefit you might be entitled to.


We will not normally take legal action against you if you have provided all the information needed to assess your housing benefit claim and you pay what we have asked you to.


What happens if I am a joint tenant and one of us leaves the property?

As joint tenants you are both responsible for any arrears that have arisen.  If one tenant leaves then the remaining tenant has to pay the rent.  Even if you leave you will still be legally responsible for any rent arrears that occur after you left and until the joint tenancy| has been ended.


What if I am bankrupt?

If you become bankrupt the Council can still seek to evict you if you do not pay any rent arrears.  This is because you will have broken the terms of your tenancy agreement. 


Your bankruptcy does not apply to anybody that you are a joint tenant with.

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