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Grounds Maintenance Service


Our Grounds Maintenance Service is responsible for the maintenance of communal grounds and gardens.


As part of this service we will


tickbox  Inspect all trees in communal grounds 5 times a year and carry

        out works as determined and agreed by the Council.

tickbox  Complete 14 grass cuts a year subject to growth and weather

        conditions.  A list of the dates when these cuts take place is

        displayed on the notice board in your flat block.

tickbox  Use mulching grass cutting machines are so that all

        cuttings are recycled into the surface of the lawn.

tickbox  Prune all shrubs and hedges in line with good   

                                          horticultural practice.

tickbox  Use chippers and wood mulching machines to recycle all prunings as mulch for the shrubs and hedges.

tickbox  Keep all footpaths and car parks clear of all over hanging material to allow easy access.

tickbox  Clear hard surfaces and paths of leaves between October and January.

tickbox  Inspect, clean and apply herbicide to parking areas, service roads and footpaths four times every year.

tickbox  Litter pick area whilst on site.



treesTrees are an important part of our environment and some are protected by Tree Preservation Orders.  We will only cut a tree down if it is diseased, dangerous or encroaching. 


If you have a tree in your garden that you are worried about you must contact us|.  Our Grounds Maintenance Manager will come out to inspect it.


A healthy tree will not be cut down or trimmed because of aerial problems, debris or blocked light.





If you have your own garden you are responsible for maintaining it.  This includes;

tickbox  Everything in your boundary except trees.

tickbox  Any hard landscaping features you have installed or were  

        installed when you accepted the property.

tickbox  Keeping your garden well maintained and the grass to a 

        reasonable length.

tickbox  Not dumping or storing rubbish in your garden


If you want to plant a tree in your garden make sure that it is suitable for the space you have.  Consider how big the tree will grow and if it is suitable for the size of your garden.  Consider your neighbours and the distance you plant it from buildings.


Beautiful gardens help to make our communities a nice place to live.  They can also help encourage bees, birds and other wildlife.  If you have a garden that you are really proud of why not send a picture in to Home News|?


Every year we run a gardening competition to celebrate our beautiful gardens.  Check out Home News in the spring for details.


If you fail to keep your garden tidy you will be breaching your tenancy conditions.


You can apply to move home if your garden has become too much to manage.  Your Housing Officer| can discuss a range of options with you, including moving to a property with no garden, a smaller garden or a communal garden.


Assisted gardening service

assistedgardensWe have limited funding for an assisted gardening service.  To qualify for this service everyone living at your home must be over 75 and you must;

tickbox  Be in a one bedroom bungalow 

tickbox  Have started your tenancy before 1st June 2005

Under the scheme grass areas are cut four times and shrubs and hedges are pruned twice yearly.

If you meet the criteria and would like to apply please complete our form.


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