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Right to Buy

Who can apply for Right to Buy?

The Right to Buy scheme helps social tenants in England to buy their council home at a discount.

You can apply for Right to Buy if you have been a council or public sector tenant for five years (it doesn’t have to be five years in a row). You are a public sector tenant if you have lived in properties provided by a Council, housing association, the armed services or a public body like an NHS trust.

You can make a ‘joint application’ to buy your home through Right to Buy with someone who shares the tenancy with you or with members of your family. They must have lived with you for the past 12 months.


You cannot buy through the scheme if:

  • the property is not your main home
  • the property is not self-contained (has a shared kitchen or bathroom)
  • there is a court order saying you must leave your home
  • you are an 'undischarged bankrupt'
  • you are being declared bankrupt
  • you owe money to creditors

Some properties will not be sold through Right to Buy, eg if your home is suitable for housing older people.  For more information| regarding Right to Buys please visit the| website which will explain it in more detail.

Right to Buy Discounts

If you qualify for Right to Buy, you can get a discount on the market value of your home when you buy it.  The market value of your home is the price it would fetch if it was sold.

As of 2 April 2012, the discount has increased. Previously, the maximum discount ranged from £16,000 to £38,000, depending on where you lived. Now, the maximum discount is £75,000 for anywhere in England.

The discount you can get is based on:

  • how long you have been a tenant
  • where you live
  • the type of property you are buying (a flat or a house)

If you have previously had a discount to help you buy a council home, this may be taken off your Right to Buy discount.


You can check how much discount you can get by reading ‘Discounts available through Right to Buy’|.


Application Form

The application form| can be found on the .gov site, and can be filled out electronically. You can also just contact us and we will be able to send one out to you.  Please complete it, print it out and post it to the address described, or send it to us via email.  We must insist that it is signed as it is a legal document.  If you have problems understanding or signing documents please contact us|.

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