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Lodgers & Subletting



You have the right to take in a lodger as long as you have the room and do not make your home overcrowded. You do not need our permission. Your lodger will not have the same rights as you and when you move out they must leave or be evicted.


You may no longer be entitled to a Council Tax discount if you are no longer the only adult living in your home. Having a lodger may affect your entitlement to Housing and Council Tax benefits.


If you receive Housing or Council Tax Benefit then you must tell the Council’s Housing Benefit section.



Sub-letting means that someone pays you rent to have the private use of a part of your home. You need to get our written permission before you can sub-let any part of your home.


You CANNOT sub-let your home to another person and move out of the property. If you move out, your tenancy will no longer be secure. This means you will lose your rights as a secure tenant. We will also take legal action to recover possession of your home.


Unlawful Occupation

Unlawful Occupation occurs where the whole of a property is lived in by someone other than the lawful tenant.


It can occur in the following situations:

  • A person who lived with the tenant remains in a property after the tenant has:
    • moved out and the original tenancy has come to an end.
  • A person who lived in the property with the tenant where the tenant has died:
    • and the person remaining in the property is not able to take over the tenancy
    • (succeed to the tenancy) or be given a tenancy through our allocations policy
    • and the original tenancy has come to an end.
  • Where a joint tenancy is ended by one of the tenants and the other tenant:
    • remains in the property.
  • Where a person has moved into an empty Council property without our:
    • permission (commonly referred to as squatting).
  • Where a property is no longer occupied by a tenant as their main home.
  • Where a tenant unlawfully sublets their entire home.
  • Where a tenant has unlawfully passed, (assigned) their tenancy to someone:
    • else or carried out an unapproved mutual exchange.
  • Where a tenant was a person who made a false statement to obtain a tenancy. 

We will take legal action to recover properties that are unlawfully occupied. If you suspect that a property is unlawfully occupied then please contact us|.

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