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Your Tenancy



When you become a Council tenant you will be provided with a tenancy agreement.  Most of our tenants are given a “secure” tenancy agreement.


Your tenancy agreement contains the terms and conditions that you must keep to if you wish to remain in your home. It will also tell you what you can expect from us.


Secure tenants also have specific rights and responsibilities which are set out in the Housing Act 1985.  This has been altered several times since it first became law.  The rights contained within this act include the right to buy and the right to pass your tenancy onto someone else in certain circumstances.


Ending your tenancy

If you are a secure tenant you will be able to live in your home for the rest of your life if you want to, as long as you comply with your Tenancy Agreement.  This is known as Security of Tenure.

There are circumstances in which we might seek to end your tenancy, for example:-

tickbox  You have not paid your rent.


tickbox  You have broken or failed to fulfil any of the conditions of your Tenancy



tickbox  You or a person living with you or visiting you, have behaved in a way causing or

         likely to cause serious or persistent nuisance or annoyance to other people.


tickbox  You or a person living with you or visiting you, have been convicted of using the

         property, or allowing it to be used for, immoral or illegal purposes or of an

         arrestable offence committed in or in the locality of your home.


tickbox  You or anyone living with you have caused damage to, or failed to look after,

         your home or the communal parts of the building in which you live.


tickbox  When you applied for the tenancy you or someone acting on your behalf  

        knowingly made a false statement.

We can also end your tenancy where:

tickbox  You and your household are able-bodied but are living in a home that has been

        specially adapted for someone with special needs


tickbox  You succeed to the tenancy from a partner or close relative but the property is

         too big for your needs


tickbox  We want to carry out demolition, major repairs or improvements that cannot be

        completed while you are living there

However in these circumstances we will be legally required to provide you with another home.


We cannot end your tenancy without first serving a Notice of Seeking Possession on you and then applying to the courts for a court order.


If you want to end your tenancy then you will need to serve a Notice to Quit| providing us with 28 days notice of your intention to leave. We do not require 4 weeks notice where the tenant has:

tickbox  died


tickbox  gone into a nursing home


tickbox  transferred to another one of our properties


Changing the terms of your tenancy

We can change the terms of our secure tenancy but only if we consult with our tenants first on the changes that we propose to make.


Once we have completed our consultation we must provide you with written notice containing details of the proposed changes and when they will come into force.

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