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We want to know how our housing service can be improved and we need your help to influence and scrutinise the services that we provide.  

There are several ways to get involved listed below and you can contact our Resident Involvement Team.   


Customer satisfaction surveys

If you’re a new tenant or have recently had a repair to your property, an officer may have asked you some questions over the phone about the service. 


Groups and Panels

Our groups and panels give tenants a chance to look at how we are performing, and suggest  where we need to improve.

We have the following groups and panels:


Email consultation

Sometimes we need tenants and leaseholders to read through a proposed policy or proposed changes to a policy and to tell us what they think.

Also, groups and panels will sometimes ask many residents to answer a single question.

If you are interested in being a part of this process please contact us to volunteer. 


Home News

Home News is our magazine for tenants and leaseholders. There are sometimes discussion groups about the magazine. You may also want to send Home News an article.

Our residents can also get involved by proofreading future editions. 


Annual Report to Tenants

The Annual Report to Tenants is now included in our Home News magazine and it is our opportunity to tell you how we are performing, celebrate our achievements and highlight where and how we need to improve.  We hope you find it a helpful snapshot of the past year.


Task and Finish Groups

We will be inviting tenants along throughout the year to some smaller group meetings to look at improvements to one project at a time, such as the pack new tenants receive when they move into their new home.  We intend to also look into the information tenants receive prior to having works undertaken, such as Kitchen and Bathroom refurbishment.

If you would like to take part in one of these groups and feel you have some past experience or knowledge that would be helpful with one of these smaller projects please register your interest by contacting the resident involvement team.


Other options

If you'd like to read the Tenant’s Survey 2014, or the Tenants Annual Report get in touch and request a copy.

We also have a page with further information for Council Tenants


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