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Book Reviews

Book Review - 10-11 year olds

Author: David Walliams

ratburger|What was the Story about?

It was about a little girl called Zoe and her pet rat Armitage. Outside Zoe's school there was always a burger van owned by a man called Burt. Towards the end of the story, Zoe found out Burt made burgers out of rats.

Would You recommend this story to a friend? Why?

Yes I would definitely recommend this story to a friend because it is just so good to read and by the end of it they will probably be crying because the father and the daughter were hugging and they haven't done that in a long time.

Reviewed by Holly

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Book Review - 10-11 year olds

Title:Mr Stink
Author: David Walliams

What was the Story about?Mrstink|

This story was about a tramp who lived on a street with his dog called Duchess. A little girl called Chloe (age 12) invited him to live in her shed but he had to keep it a secret from her mother and her little sister.

Would You recommend this story to a friend? Why?

This book made me laugh out loud so I would recommend it to a friend because it is hilarious. I love David Walliams books and can't wait to read Ratburger.

Reviewed by Holly


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Book Review - 10-11 year olds

Title: The Diary of a Wimpy Kid  "The Third Wheel"
Author: Jeff KinneyWimpy-Kid-3rdwheel|

What was the Story about?

A Valentine's dance is at Greg's middle school, leaving Greg wondering if he will get a date in time for the dance.

Would You recommend this story to a friend? Why?

Greg made me laugh and did he really get a date to the dance...? Read the book to find out.

Reviewed by Holly


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We have books, computers, study space and friendly staff to help you with your homework.

There are homework collections with books on popular topics (these stay in the library).  You can also find helpful books in the children’s Reference Section.  In the Children’s Non Fiction area, you'll find lots of books which you can borrow,  these are grouped in subjects (by Dewey numbers)

There are computers for you in the library. You can use them to help you find information and present your homework.  There are many excellent, useful websites on the internet.  You might like to start with the Cyber Library| (you will need your library card to use these great resources).


Homework websites

Children's CyberLibrary -| Websites to help with your homework|, offer you help and advice| and tell you more about your favourite books and authors |

Streets of Bournemouth - a virtual Museum for Bournemouth|

Useful websites to help with homework - centre for the child|



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