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Kinson Common Local Nature Reserve

  Govers Glade is a small meadow on the Common, and a great place to look for orchids


The Site

Kinson Common is a superb nature reserve nestled amongst the housing of Kinson, with the Kinson Cemetery along part of its boundary. The 16 hectare site has a number of habitats, including woodland, heathland, marsh, a stream, pond and flower meadows. This mixture  means that there is a wide variety of flora and fauna to be found. Parts of the site are grazed by Shetland cattle during the course of the year. The heathland is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and also a Special Area of Conservation (SAC)

Flora and Fauna

The list of wildlife recorded on Kinson over the years is impressive, and includes: around 40 species of breeding birds, and a further 20 species that are winter visitors or birds that pass through during migration; 24 butterfly species have been recorded, 20 dragonflies and damselflies and 12 crickets and grasshoppers. 2 species of reptiles, the grass snake and common lizard occur, but all 6 species have been recorded in the past. An amazing 350 plant species have been recorded. These include common species, but also some more specialised and uncommon species including 3 types of orchids, the sundew and the pale butterwort. The fungi list seems to grow each year as new species are found. The stinkhorn pictured is in the early stages of development.  


Golden-ringed dragonfly


Location and Access

Kinson Common is situated in the north-west of the Borough, and is bounded by four roads, the Kinson Cemetery, and Kinson Primary School. There are access points from Kinson Road, South Kinson Drive, Poole Lane and Glenmeadows Drive.

There are a number of hard surface footpaths on the site. One of these cuts across the site from Kinson Road through to Poole Lane, and is suitable for wheelchair-users. Much of the site is undulating, and there are uneven surfaces and tree roots, with a variety of footpath surfaces. Some sections of footpath can be muddy during periods of wet weather.


Useful Information

The Friends of Kinson Common| is an active group that works in partnership with the Council. They carry out practical conservation tasks, litter picking, record flora and fauna on site, and also promote the Common to the public through guided walks|. The group is always happy to hear from people interested in joining.

There is a comprehensive management plan| for the site with lots more information about the Common and its wildlife.

Check the location of this site on the Parks and Countryside map|.

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