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Bournemouth Assessment Team


If you live in Bournemouth and would like to access help and support for your substance misuse, the Bournemouth Assessment Team (BAT) is the service you need to contact to access structured treatment.




Who are the BAT?

The BAT are a team of individuals who carry out comprehensive assessments on service users who would like support for their addictions and require access to structured and/or residential treatreatment.


How do I access the BAT?

There are 3 ways to access the BAT:


1. A drop-in service, held Monday - Friday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. At this session you will have the opportunity to speak with an assessor and ask any questions you may have.


Bournemouth Open Access Service

6 Trinity House

161 Christchurch Road


BH1 1JU 


For directions or help finding the building, please call: 01202 552540


2. A referral through your GP or another health service.


3. By attending a pre-treatment support group, for example: Progress to Treatment, Foundation or Open Access Support Groups.


Why do I need an assessment?

The BAT will need to assess you to determine what your current needs are. They will complete a comprehensive assessment with you and will ask about your current substance misuse and any other issues, including:

  • Accomodation status
  • Parental status
  • Employment status
  • Health information

Why do they need this information?

Whilst the BAT will assess you for your treatment need, it is important that all this other information is collected to help put together the most appropriate package of care for you.


How long will the assessment take?

It should take no longer than one hour.


If I have been assessed previously by the BAT, do I need to have another assessment?

Yes, you will need to be assessed by the BAT whether this is your first attempt at treatment or if you have been engaged with treatment previously. This is to ensure that any decisions made relating to your support are based on your current needs.


What happens next?

After your assessment the assessor will put together a Recovery Plan for you that is appropriate for your treatment needs. They will the discuss with you the agencies that meet your needs. The assessor will also be able to give you guidance about how quickly you are able to begin your package of support.


Will I always get the treatment that I want?

The BAT will ask you what treatment you feel would be of benefit to you and why you feel this way. Your decision may be based on previous treatment attempts and you are welcome to share this information with the assessor. Whilst we will take this into account when putting a package of support together, please remember that any placement(s) will be made depending on your treatment need. If your treatment needs have changed since you last accessed treatment, you may be given the choice of going to a different agency that you have not previously engaged with.


What if I am unhappy with the package of support put together for me?

Once you have been assessed you will be assigned to a care co-ordinator who will oversee your recovery journey. This may be the individual that assessed you or it could be another member of the team. If you are unhappy with the package of support, please speak to your care co-ordinator (at the BAT). They will listen to why you are unhappy and will change your recovery plan accordingly or explain why this plan has been put together for you. As your recovery plan will depend on your support needs, you may feel it is different to what you feel you would like. If you are still unhappy with the decisions made about your package, please speak to BADSUF|. BADSUF are the Bournemouth Alcohol and Drug Service User Forum who can provide an advocay worker that will meet with you and your assessor to discuss any problems / issues. They will offer help, advice and work with you to try and resolve any conflicts.


Can I access any services without accessing the BAT?

The BAT is the gateway into clinical and non clinical structured treatment and long-term support. However, there are pre-treatment options available to you. You may still access services such as the Needle Exchange, Open Access Drop-in, Support Groups, Progress to Treatment, Foundation and one-to-one support with the Brief Intervention Team (Alcohol) without having an assessment.


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Concerned about your drug or alcohol use and want to speak to someone who can help?
Call the Bournemouth Assessment Team on 01202 209463 for support and advice
Alternatively, there is a drop-in service available 9:00am - 4:00pm Monday to Friday at the following address:
Postal Address Bournemouth Open Access Service,
The Trinity Project, 6 Trinity House, 161 Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth,
Telephone 01202 558855