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The Research and Information pages are arranged into datasets and themes.  Datasets includes Census data and the Annual Business Inquiry while themes covers topics such as those described below.  To navigate around the Research and Information pages please use the menu links on the left hand side and the links below.

The themes section includes the following data (scroll down to view):

Commerce, Retail, Energy and Industry| - These pages holds the Annual Business Inquiry data; Floorspace and Rateable value report; Retail information; Trading Standards Figures; and Commercial Development Monitoring.

Crime and Safety| – This section includes Dorset Fire and Rescue statistics and Dorset Police statistics.

Economy| – The pages in this section contain Employment/Commercial Land Monitoring information and reports; House price data; VAT registrations; Gross Value Added; and Socio-economic groups.

Education and Training| – Educational Establishments; Education, Skills and Training Domain (Indices of Deprivation); Higher Education; and Schools.

Employment Land Monitoring| - Commercial Development Monitoring, whereby all commercial and employment sites with full planning permission and the potential to be developed are surveyed in order to assess their status.

Finance, Government & Public Sector| – This section incorporates Borough Net Expenditure; Capital budget; Council Tax/Business Rates; Dorset Police financial data; Environment Levy; Financial Reserves; Staff numbers; Outstanding debts; and Waste disposal information.

Geographies and Definitions| – Boundaries and areas for Bournemouth, Dorset, SW region and  England and Wales, Ward profiles and Ward maps (old and new maps of Bournemouth, showing ward boundaries).

Health, Social and Welfare| – This section covers a variety of information such as the following: Benefit Data; Health including the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA); Hospitals; Households by tenure and by amenities; Indices of deprivation; and Social Services Data.

Housing| – These pages cover data on House Prices; Residential completions in Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole; Progress on structure plan provision 1994-2011; and housing land supply reports.

Labour Market| – Annual Business Inquiry data; Activity rates; Employment and Earnings; The Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE); and Unemployment.

Natural and Built Environment| – Bournemouth Conservation Area designations; Environment Levy; Generalised Land Use statistics; and Planning Decisions.

Population and Migration| – In these pages, population projections and estimates are available, in addition to further population information such as, births, register of electors and marriages in Bournemouth; Migration flows in Bournemouth; and Mortality.

Transport and Travel| – This section covers statistics on Accidents and Casualties in Bournemouth; Bournemouth Airport statistics; Cars by households; Poole Cargo statistics; Number of rail passengers to/from Bournemouth stations; Traffic speeds; Transport; and Travel to Work. It also links to the 'New Flats & Transport in Bournemouth' study.

Tourism| – Business Turnover and Expenditure; Employment and employment income supported by Tourism spending; Trips and Purpose; and Tourism statistics.

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