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Community Resolution Panel


Volunteers wanted for Bournemouth’s Community Resolution Panel

Anti-social behaviour, neighbour disputes and petty crime in Bournemouth are just some of the local issues set to be tackled using new Community Resolution Panels.

The aim of Community Resolution Panel is to deal with minor cases of anti-social behaviour, neighbour disputes, criminal damage and petty crime within the community rather than through the Courts. The Community Resolution Panel allows Volunteers from the Community to be trained in, and prepare them to facilitate the process of restorative resolution within their own Communities.

Community Resolution Panel brings victims and wrongdoers together to resolve conflict and harm caused by anti-social behaviour, neighbour disputes and crime.

The Community Resolution Panel encourages wrongdoers to acknowledge the impact of what they have done and make amends to the victim and the wider community by apologising and engaging in reparative work. This also leads to victim satisfaction. Community Resolution Panels are not designed to punish the wrongdoer, but they are not a soft option either, as they make the wrongdoer face up to the impact of what they have done.

There are two Volunteers present at each conference, one acting as facilitator and the other taking notes during the Community Resolution Panel; they will also be responsible for writing up the Acceptable Behaviour Agreement (ABA).


The room will be laid out by the Volunteers, setting out the chairs in a circle. All parties will be asked to sit together in the circle. There could be a number of people involved other than the wrongdoer and harmed parties; there could be a member of the referring agency, appropriate adult if one of the parties is under 18, a representative member of the Community.

The wrongdoer has the opportunity to tell their side of the story, and hear how their actions affected the harmed party and possibly others within the room. It gives the wrongdoer the opportunity to reflect on their actions and apologise. It will be down to the wrong doer and harmed to decide on the appropriate form of restorative work needed; this could be anything from a written apology to work within the Community.


Volunteers who wish to apply from the Community will be required to complete an application form and referees will be required to give character references. The volunteers will also be required to undertake an interview with the Community Resolution Panel to judge suitability to sit as a Community Resolution Panel Member. Volunteers will undergo an Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check. Full training and support is offered to Volunteers.


For further information on becoming a volunteer for the Community Resolution Panels contact Reuben Dear on: 01202 453934 or email:|

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