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Protected Trees

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Tree Preservation Orders

In order to protect and preserve the green and pleasant landscape that exists in the town, the Council has an ongoing policy of making Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs). New TPOs are often placed on trees that are on sites to be developed, in recognition of their importance in providing mature landscaping.

If a TPO exists on your land, it is an offence to cut down, top, lop, uproot, wilfully damage or wilfully destroy the protected tree without the Council's permission. There are instances when formal consent is not required to carry out tree work (e.g. when a tree is dead or dangerous), however you still must give prior notice and it is recommended that you contact the Landscape and Arboricultural Officers in Control Services for advice before taking any action.

Should formal permission be required you will need to complete the following:

In the event of permission being withheld, the applicant has a right of appeal. Please visit the appeals page| of our website for more details.

When consent is given to fell a protected tree, a condition to plant a replacement will normally be applied. Similarly the removal of dead or dangerous trees should be followed by new planting.

Further information and advice can be found in the leaflet 'Protected trees: A guide to tree preservation procedures'|, published by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Trees in Conservation Areas

There are additional regulations for the protection of trees in Conservation Areas (CAs).  Six weeks written notice must be given to the Local Planning Authority of proposed tree works. There are many CAs that also have TPOs and in these cases the TPO will take precedence.  To find out if your property is in a Conservation Area, please visit the My Property page.

Trees and former Council Properties

Where Council properties have been sold under the Right to Buy scheme, there are likely to be legal covenants in place to protect the trees on those properties.  Before carrying out tree works in these cases consent will be required from Law and Corporate Governance, Town Hall, Bourne Avenue, BH2 6DY.

New Developments

New developments may have planning conditions that protect the trees.  If you are in any doubt check with the Tree Section


For information about parks, gardens and countryside in Bournemouth, please visit the Parks, Gardens and Countryside| pages.

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