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Car Parks

Car Parking Offer 

Park in Bournemouth Town Centre for 3 hours for only £2.00 at Bournemouth Borough Council Long Stay Car Parks such as:

Richmond Gardens|, Winter Gardens|, Durley Road|, Richmond Hill|, St Stephens Road|, Town Hall Annexe|, Town Hall Forecourt|, Braidley Road|, Town Hall Extension|, West Hill|

All of these car parks are convenient for visiting the shops, visiting the seafront, a walk through the Gardens, seeing a show or many other activities in the Town Centre.


Bournemouth Borough Council also offer 2 hours parking for the cost of £1 in the majority of car parks. This offer is not applicable in the Seafront Town Centre Car Parks (Bath Road South, Bath Road North, and Beacon Road) or Seafront Outer Car Parks (Solent Beach, Hengistbury Head, Alum Chine, Durley Chine, Overstrand, Southbourne Crossroads, Warren Edge)


Similarly you could park all day in the Central Car Park| for £4. This car park a centrally located car park for the Town Centre, cinemas and gardens.


Phone and Pay is available in all Bournemouth Borough Council pay and display car parks.  A quick and convenient way to pay for your parking if you do not have any change for the machine.  Please call Phone and Pay on 01202 804444 and enter location code as displayed in the car park. Please visit their website at |

Frequently asked questions regarding phone and pay can be viewed at|


Rover Tickets available in a number of the car parks listed below click for more information|


Town Centre

1 Durley Road (map|)  - BH2 5JW
2 West Hill (map|)  - BH2 5PG
3 Terrace Mount (map|)  - BH2 5NW
4 Avenue Road MSCP (Under private management)

Town Hall Forecourt (1) (map|) -  BH2 6DY 

Note: Not open to members of the public Monday to Friday during the hours 8 am - 5 pm except Bank Holidays

Town Hall Extension (1) (map|)  - BH2 6EA 
Note:  Not open to members of the public Monday to Friday during the hours 8 am - 6 pm except Bank Holidays


 Town Hall Annexe (1) (map)  - BH2 6EA

Note:  Not open to members of the public Monday to Friday during the hours 8 am - 6 pm except Bank Holidays


9/11 St Stephens Road (1) (map|)  - BH2 6JP

Braidley Road Bridge (1) (map|) - BH2 6JZ

Note:  Not open to members of the public Monday to Friday during the hours 8 am - 6 pm except Bank Holidays

8 Richmond Hill (map|)  - BH2 6EP
9 Richmond Gardens MSCP (map|)  - BH1 1JD
12 Cotlands Road  (map|)  - BH1 3BG
13 Lansdowne Road (map|)  - BH8 8HS
14 Berry Court  (map)  - BH2 5BH
15 Glen Fern (max stay 4 hrs) (map|)  - BH1 2LZ
16 Central (map|)  - BH1 2HH
17 Bath Road South (map|) Seafront  - BH1 2EW
18 Bath Road North (map|) Seafront  - BH1 2EW
19 BIC (map|)  - BH2 5BH
20 Eden Glen (map|)  - BH2 5AU
21 Winter Gardens (map|)  - BH2 5AQ
22 Durley Chine (map|)  - BH2 5JG
23 Pavilion (map|)  - BH1 2BU
24 Beacon Road (map|)  - BH2 5BW
25 Madeira Road map| - BH1 1QQ

Other Areas

Seafront Car Parks
West of Bournemouth Alum Chine (map|)  - BH4 8HS
Boscombe Overstrand (map|)  - BH5 1BN
Southbourne Solent Beach (map| )  - BH6 4DX

Warren Edge (map|)  - BH6 4BE
Hengistbury Head Hengistbury Head (map|) - BH6 4EN
Boscombe Area

Palmerston Road (1) (map|) Note:  Closed to the public on Thursdays and Saturdays (Market Days).  BH1 4HN

Hawkwood Road Main (map|)  BH5 1BY

Hawkwood Road 1 (map|) & 2 (map|)  - BH5 1BY
Southbourne Area Seabourne Road (map|)  - BH5 2HA

Woodside Road (map|)  - BH5 2BA

Southbourne Crossroads (map|) - BH6 3NH
Winton Area Cranmer Road (map|)  - BH9 1JU

Leslie Road (map|) ( max stay 4 hrs)  - BH9 2JH
Westbourne Area Alumhurst Road (Max stay 4 hours) (map|)  - BH4 8EL

Landseer Road (Max stay 4 hours) (map|)   - BH4 9HJ

Milburn Road (map|) - BH4 9HJ

Car Parks also available to Coaches and Lorries

Near Westbourne but walking or bus route to town centre Queens Road (map|) Cars and coaches  - BH2 6BE
Near Boscombe Kings Park (map|) Cars, Coaches and Lorries  - BH7 7AF


Private Car Parks

There are a number of car parks in the area which are owned or operated by private companies. these companies set the tariffs applicable at each site.

These are located at the following locations.

Avenue Road Multi Storey Car Park (APCOA)

Exeter Road Surface Car Park (NCP)

Glen Fern Road Multi Storey Car Park

Hinton Road Multi Storey Car Park (NCP)

Richmond Hill (Bottom of hill) Multi Storey Car Park (NCP)

Terrace Road (above BHS) Surface Car Park (NCP)

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