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Bridges, Subways & Structures

Tuckton Bridge

We are responsible for maintaining all the highway structures, which includes bridges, culverts, subways and retaining walls.


The highway structures comprise:

  • 20 Bridges,
  • 21 Pedestrian Subways,
  • 14 Footbridges,
  • 5 Culverts
  • 37 Highway Retaining Walls.

Structures within the main public areas, such as the Central Gardens and the Chines are maintained by the Council’s Housing Landlord and Parks Service Unit.


Bournemouth's Bridges

The majority of Bournemouth’s structures are located along the A338 Wessex Way and are either reinforced concrete or steel bridges. Two bridges of interest are located over Bourne Avenue and Braidley Road as they both received awards on completion. 


Tuckton Bridge, which crosses the River Stour, is of historic interest because it is one of the earliest examples of a reinforced bridge in this country. Constructed in 1905 using the Hennebiques patent ferro concrete system, it was originally only designed for the use of tramways, but now carries a far greater volume and weight of traffic than can have ever been envisaged when originally designed and built. 


Bridge Management

Our bridges are inspected on a rolling programme every two years to identify maintenance requirements and to prioritise the works. All structures on the primary routes can carry the current 40 tonne loading. A number of structures on the secondary routes have a weight limit. Strengthening works were completed in 1997 and any additional assessments of the bridges are undertaken if the strength of the bridge is in question.


Incidents of damage through vehicle collision, storm damage or other causes are investigated as soon as possible.


Bridge Maintenance

Major works such as strengthening and waterproofing are funded from Central Government using the Local Transport Plan Capital monies. The Council has recently undertaken a number of major bridge projects, which have included waterproofing, painting and concrete repairs.


Minor maintenance work is undertaken from Revenue funding. These works are generally  of lower cost, but are very important in maintaining our bridges. 


Railway Bridges

All road bridges which span over a railway are owned by Network Rail| and all these structures have been assessed for their load carrying capacity. If you want to report a fault please contact Network Rail. 


Retaining Walls

Highway retaining walls are: 

  • Walls supporting the structure of the highway,
  • Walls retaining land that has been excavated in cutting to form a highway parapet wall,
  • Walls providing a safety barrier on a steep slope.

Privately owned walls fronting council land, which are considered a danger to the public, are inspected and a Notice served on the owner to make them safe.


Contact Us

The Council prioritises safety works and long-term durability to extend the life of its structures. 


If you believe a bridge is dangerous or has been damaged please contact us as below.


telephone icon image   01202 451323 (office hours) or

telephone icon image  01202 451199(outside office hours)

Please quote the bridge location and the nature of the problem. 


email icon image|

Quoting the bridge location and the nature of the problem


Or Report it Online|


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