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Street Naming & Numbering

Address Management

Street Naming and Numbering is a statutory function carried out by the Council under Sections 17, 18 and 19 of the Public Health Act of 1925. This legislation requires the Local Authority to prepare street naming and numbering schemes and to maintain a good standard of street nameplates. Both are essential for the efficient functioning of postal and emergency services as well as for the convenience and safety of the general public.

With effect from 1st February 2012 the Council will be charging an administration fee for Address Management services. This includes the notification of Royal Mail, emergency services, Land Registry and the relevant Council services.

Scale of Fees|

See below to find out more.

Naming & Numbering Procedure

When development of new properties or sub-division of existing properties takes place within the borough it is obviously necessary that such properties be allocated postal numbers as quickly as possible. This is to enable early identification by the statutory bodies, emergency services and visitors.

To enable the council to allocate a suitable number to new/sub-divided properties, it is essential that suitable drawings be submitted to the address management section in accordance with the following procedure:

The developer or owner of any new property or properties requiring to be numbered shall submit the completed SNN Form, together with one copy of the site plan and relevant fee.

Street Naming & Numbering  Enquiry Form|

Following submission of this information the address management officer will allocate postal number(s) to the new property or properties concerned. If the new properties are within an existing road, then often a, b, c’s are suffixed to the appropriate postal number(s).

Where a development includes new streets, the developer is requested to submit proposed street names. If requested, the address management officer will suggest suitable names. See Guidelines|



Bournemouth Council is not responsible for issuing new postcodes. This is the responsibility of Royal Mail. However Royal Mail Postcodes Division will not allocate a postcode for a new street or property until they receive official notification of new developments from the Council.

Postcodes for commercial premises are allocated in the same way as residential premises, but a large company or business can apply to Royal Mail for their own code – known as a large user code. Application for a large user code is the responsibility of the user, as they will know what volume of mail they generate.

Inquiries about postcodes can be dealt with direct at:

  • Royal Mail Address Management Centre, Castle Forgate, SHREWSBURY,SY1 1AA
  • Postline: 5258 2436,
  • Phone: 08456 045060,
  • Fax: 08456 054433
  • Email:

Searches for postcodes can also be carried out on the Royal Mail Website: |


Building Names

Requests to change a property name can only be accepted from the owners of properties
and not tenants, if the Council is in any doubt that the applicant is not the owner, proof of
ownership may be requested.

We request that any name suggested is not similar to any other in the immediate locality and advice will be given on this.

The council cannot formally change a property name where the property is in the process of
being purchased, that is, until the exchange of contracts, although guidance can be given
on the acceptability of a chosen name before this.

We have no objection to a house name being added to an existing postal address but it cannot replace the street number, which must always be used.

House names alone are not favored by the Council or the emergency services as a number readily identifies the location of a property in a road. The only exception to this will be on the rare occasions, particularly in rural areas, where a street numbering sequence does not exist. When this does occur, we will accept the use of a building name to identify the property, e.g. Muccleshell Farmhouse, Bury Lane.

Street numbers and building names should always be prominently displayed where they can be easily read from the public highway.


Renaming & Renumbering

The Council can alter the name and numbers of any street if there is a particular need to do so.

If all residents agree, an application can be made to the Council for a street name change. We will give careful consideration to the reasons for the request and give a decision after consultation with the emergency services, Royal Mail, ward Councillors and the general public.


Street Nameplates

When a road is built as part of a new development it is the responsibility of the developer to arrange for the installation of a street nameplate to the appropriate specification.

The Council will take over responsibility for maintaining the nameplate once the street has been adopted by the Council.


Further Help & Advice

For any help and advice on address management please telephone us during normal office hours on (01202) 451360 or email |

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