Home visits for children under five with special educational needs and/or a disability

Portage is a home-visiting educational service for families with young children from under five who have special/additional needs. The success and popularity of portage is based on the principle that it promotes parents as the key figures in the development of their child.

Portage is based in the home and has a carefully structured yet flexible approach which enables parents to support their own child’s development.

Who is it for?

You must live in the Bournemouth area and have a child under the age of five who has special educational needs in more than one area of their development. Referrals are usually made through health professionals, Early Years settings and social care.

How does Portage work?

At first, a Portage worker will visit you and your child at home to assess your child’s abilities and needs, to establish whether your child meets Portage criteria.

If your child meets the Portage criteria, the Portage home visitor will arrange to visit your child at home and help to decide what skills to develop. They will then visit you and your child on a regular basis and design activities which are broken down into small steps. You will need to practise these activities with your child for a few minutes each day, and as your child progresses, further goals will be given to help your child progress further.

We are here to help your child to reach their full potential.

For further information on support available within Bournemouth please visit the Bournemouth Local Offer.

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