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Fares and Charges 2015

Fares and charges for taxis from 1 April 2015.

As the licensing authority for taxis we set the maximum fares and charges that can be charged. 

All licensed taxis are required to display a copy of the fares and charges in a prominent position. 

Taxi Fares and Charges 2015
 Day Rate (Tariff 1) Night Rate (Tariff 2) Christmas & New Year(Tariff 3)
For a hiring beginning between 6:30am - Midnight daily For a hiring beginning between Midnight - 6:30am & all public holidays 

For a hiring between 6:30pm on 24 December and 6:30am on 27 December


6:30pm on 31 December and 6:30am on 2 January


 £4.33 for the 1st mile (initial charge £3.00)  £5.78 for the 1st mile (initial charge £4.00)  £6.50 for the 1st mile (initial charge £4.50)
 £2.18 per mile thereafter  £2.91 per mile thereafter  £3.27 per mile thereafter
 Waiting time: 20p per 45 seconds  Waiting time: 25p per 45 seconds

 Waiting time: 30p per 45 seconds

 Extra charges Tariff 1 Tariffs 2 & 3

For more than one passenger (per person)

For charging purposes only, two children under the age of 10 being counted as one person, children under 3 – no charge

20p 25p 
For five or more passengers carried in a Multi-seater vehicle  £1.00 £1.25
For each pre-arranged hiring – booking fee  80p £1.00
For each item of luggage carried and for each animal (excluding small hand luggage and carrier bags)  20p  25p 
Soiling the carriage by person or animal  £50.00 £50.00 

No charge for

  • assistance dogs (for example, guide dogs or dogs for the disabled)
  • wheelchairs or similar motor scooters

The meter will not be activated until the wheelchair is loaded

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