Domiciliary Care Worker

A day in the life of a Domiciliary Care Worker at Essential Nursing

Tracey, 53 has worked in care for the last 13 years and thought about part-time care work when her daughter started school.

She said: “To be a carer you need to have common sense and a caring nature. You need to like meeting different people doing shopping, cleaning and personal care.

“Having a carer visit is peace of mind for a lot of families and knowing someone’s going to be popping in and knowing that their mum or dad is ok for the day.

“For some people you just go in to do a medication check. Most of my clients, I go in, get them up, showered, assistance to dress, make sure they’ve got their lifeline buttons on and do their breakfasts. Mostly my clients are elderly but some are younger especially if they’ve been involved in an accident. It’ a refreshing change when you do visit someone a bit younger.

“I love when you go in and someone’s waiting for you and they can’t get themselves up. I help them to get them dressed and have their breakfast and they’re all prepared for the day. If someone’s having a bad day and needs your help, it’s so nice you can go in and help, they might be really distressed and upset. I can help them and reassure them that they are ok. If it was my mum that’s how I would want my mum treated.”