Deprivation of Liberty

People have a right to Liberty however sometimes freedoms need to be limited in order to keep them safe

We always try to allow people to keep their liberty, this is the freedom to choose how they live.

However, in some cases it may not be safe and they need to be stopped from doing what they want to. This means they have been deprived of their liberty. 

Our role in deprivation of liberty

As the local authority of Bournemouth, we have to authorise any request for a deprivation of liberty.

Before we can make the decision to do this we have to send out two independent assessors:

  • A specially trained doctor.
  • A specially trained ‘Best Interests Assessor’.

The Best Interests Assessor will talk to the person and their family or friends to get their views and consider whether the arrangements are necessary. They will also talk to the people providing care and support to the person.

If you are concerned about a person deprived of their liberty in a Hospital or Care Home ask the hospital or care home manager to explain the issue. If you are still concerned, get in touch with us.

Sometimes, restrictions are put on someone who isn't in a hospital or care home which deprives them of their liberty. If you think this might be happening inform the local authority.