Boxes for Living

Four different boxes with themed resources for social care providers or community groups. Use them to support socialising, reminiscence and everyday living

Box of Tricks

Box of Tricks is a demonstration box full of low cost pieces of equipment that could help people with everyday living. Box of Tricks is also a great way of engaging groups and carers in conversation about how every day life could be made easier 

How to access Box of Tricks:

Box of Tricks is available for providers and community groups for a short term loan and is located at Age UK Bournemouth. To book the Box of Tricks please email:

Is there a cost?

No. Box of Tricks if free to use. 

Rewind and Play Box

The Rewind & Play Box is part of the Home Library service loaning scheme and provides a selection of technology products for use in facilitated groups or one-to-one sessions. The Rewind & Play Box includes an iPad, a Nintendo Wii and a Nintendo DS. Use the iPad to stimulate discussion and rewind the years, then use the consoles and games for fun and social enjoyment.

How to access Rewind and Play

The Rewind & Play Box can be loaned for a 4 week period. Please contact the Home Library Service on 01202 547879.

Is there a cost?

No, although a charge may apply if items are lost or damaged  

Royal Voluntary Service - Memory Boxes

Memory Boxes contain a unique and varied set of reminiscence materials from the last 50 years. These items are designed to stimulate conversation by triggering memories, either in groups or for one-to-one reminiscence work. The Memory Boxes are tailored around bespoke themes including ‘holidays’, ‘childhood’ and ‘travel’.

How to access Memory Boxes

The boxes are stored at West Howe Library, delivered directly to you and replenished on a monthly basis. To join the scheme, please contact Royal Voluntary Service on 01305 236666

Is there a cost?

There is an annual service charge of £75 

Coda music trust - Music Box

Coda provides a range of music and therapy services to support the care of older people. Their Music Box is a treasure trove of ideas to support care staff in leading musical activities. Four themed boxes help to lead music workshops with a large group. They provide fun and effective warm up techniques through to a set of simple activity guides to follow, using songs that will work with your residents plus lots of ideas for themed activities, props and resources.

How to access Music Box

Contact Coda


Phone: 01425 276161 or visit Coda Music Centre

Is there a cost?

Each Music Box is available at a cost of £50 and comes with the option of free training in how to best use it.