The Role of a Careline Keyholder

The keyholder is the person who check on a careline service user when needed

Careline provides a call monitoring service. If a Careline service user needs help then we'll call their nominated keyholder and ask them to visit.

The nominated keyholder is usually a friend or relative of the Careline customer, someone they trust to have keys to their home and to help them when needed.

As a keyholder you may receive a call at any time of the day or night unless you tell us otherwise. We will only call you if we cannot get an answer from the service user or if they are asking for assistance. In an emergency we will call 999 immediately and call you to give the emergency services access.

We recommend each Careline user has two or more keyholders. This means we are more likely to be able to get in touch with someone if help is needed.

If you agree to be a named keyholder we will store your name and contact details on our database. All the information is stored confidentially in accordance with the Data Protection Act.


If a Careline user does not have anyone they want to name as a keyholder, or can only give us details for one keyholder, they must have a keysafe fitted at their home.

A keysafe is a secure box fitted outside the home with a key inside. It is locked with a combination code that we keep on our system.

In an emergency we call 999 immediately and the emergency services will use the key from the keysafe to get in.