Alarm Units And Pendants

You can opt for a unit that works directly through your main landline or via a mobile SIM if you don't have a landline. Once you're linked to our monitoring centre, help is there 24 hours a day at the touch of a button.

Lifeline Alarm Unit

With our Careline alarms you know that help is available at the click of a button

GPS Mobile Phone Tracker

The alarm unit automatically detects if you are at home or outside. It provides the service either through the alarm or mobile phone as appropriate.

GPS Tracker and SOS Button

It pinpoints the location of the wearer, and provides two-way hands-free conversation through the built-in speaker

GSM Lifeline Unit

The GSM unit works with a roaming mobile SIM card instead of a landline.

Onyx Pendant and Wristband

An elegant and stylish neck worn pendant, an alternative to the traditional pendant.