Garage Rental Application

Anyone can apply to rent one of our garages, but priority is given to council tenants.


  • Personal Details
  • Name
  • Address
  • Garage Details
  • Do you already rent a garage, garage base or garage plot from the Council?
  • Do you already rent accommodation from Bournemouth Council?
  • Do you pay leasehold service charges to Bournemouth Borough Council?
  • Do you wish to rent...
  • Which sites would you be interested in?
  • I agree that if I am allocated a garage tenancy, it will only be used to store a private vehicle and WILL NOT be used for business purposes.
  • Please note vehicles stored on a base or plot MUST be in a roadworthy condition and display a current tax disk. NON Council house tenants must pay a deposit of £50.00 prior to the commencement of the tenancy for a garage, and £25.00 for a garage base or plot.
  • **Failure to maintain regular payments may result in the repossession of the garage/base/plot.