Manor Steps Phase 2

New development FAQs


Bournemouth is adding nine more Beach Lodges to the seafront, each offering fully equipped overnight stay accommodation. 

Currently with 15 of its award-winning lodges available, demand is regularly exceeding availability. Nine additional lodges are now being installed at Manor Steps, near Boscombe. We are also adding a tenth lodge which will be used as an office.

Some beach huts in the area are relocating under the scheme. The Council is working closely with existing individual tenants to ensure the transitions are as easy as possible.

We have put together the following frequently asked questions for beach hut tenants, and those that regularly visit this area, about the development and what impact this is likely to have at the seafront and to existing beach huts.


General information:

When will this all take place?

Works commenced at the beginning of October 2018. The planning application can be viewed here.

Zig zag Access

The zig zag will remain open throughout most of the works. Please note, the slope at the bottom of the zigzag will remain closed; the only access to the promenade from the zigzag is via the steps. We apologise for any inconvenience.

There will be some days towards the end of the programme when the zig zag will be closed, this is dependent on the progress of the works. Dates will be posted on this page nearer the time.

Planned closure:

When the zigzag is closed, alternative access points are the zigzag pathway at Portman Ravine (to the East) or via Boscombe Pier approach (Sea Road). 


The toilets at Manor Steps closed on 1 October 2018.Toilets are available at Portman Ravine and Boscombe East.  

Promenade Access 

Some of the existing beach huts are moving to enable works to be undertaken. Information about restrictions will be updated on our website as the work progresses. 


For hut tenants:

Will my hut move and if so will my view be obscured?

Some beach huts will be relocated onto promenade level, to the east of the Manor Steps development.

To lessen the impact of an obscured view, other huts will be set on a raised terrace.

We are writing to those hut tenants who will be directly impacted.

The site plan can be viewed here.

Terrace Level

The terrace will be raised by approximately 1metre - 1.2 metres. This will offset the visual impact of the beach huts set below it. The width of the raised terrace will remain the same width as the current terrace.

Who would be moving my hut?

Council contractors will move huts if and when required. Any damage repair or alterations would be carried out by the contractor. 
We are writing with more details to those hut tenants who will be directly impacted.

Will access to my hut be restricted?

Access to some huts will be restricted at times during the works. We are writing with more details to those hut tenants who will be directly impacted.

Land Train Turning Circle

The location of the land train turning circle has been carefully considered; It will be moving from its current spot to be in front of huts 731 – 745. This is a necessary action as the new location will provide the space needed on the widest area of the promenade.

Can I move to another location?

We have carefully considered how huts would be located to continue as much as possible the community that currently exists, so huts can only move to the site that is allocated.

Will I get any refund?

Refunds will only be considered if your hut is completely inaccessible for set periods during the works. Refunds will be processed in March 2019 so please continue to maintain your direct debit arrangement as normal in the interim.

Can I relinquish my beach hut?

Yes. Normal relinquishment procedures apply. Relinquishments can take place during the months of February and March. As per your licence agreement, if you relinquish at any other time of the year the full site fees will still apply.

If I relinquish can I go on a waiting list for another area?

No, unfortunately, all waiting lists are currently closed.

I have more questions or concerns, that are not covered here, who can I contact?

Any feedback or comments can be sent to

Find out more about Manor Steps here.

If you have an enquiry regarding booking a stay in a Bournemouth Beach Lodge, visit them here.