First World War Centenary

Bournemouth remembers in 2015 and beyond

The continuing anniversaries of the First World War will be commemorated in 2015 and beyond. These activities explore and tell Bournemouth’s stories and the experiences of those who lived, fought and died in the War.

Centenary embroidery postcards

Winning entries in the 'Postcards for Peace' embroidery competition are available to buy as postcards from Bournemouth libraries. Postcards are sold on behalf of the Mayor's Charity Appeal for 45pm each or £2.50 for a set of 7 cards. With grateful thanks to the talented winners Sue Annandale, Sarah Appleton, Judith Cutler, Doff Davies, Hazel Loach and Diane van Bueren. The design by Mrs Loach will also be planted in flowers in Bournemouth's Lower Gardens.


'Aspects of War' monthly local history talks

Friday 9th October 11am talk entitled:  John Maynard Keynes:‘The Funding Behind The War’ 

at Bournemouth Library.


Bournemouth Remembers World War Two

May 8th 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day (VE Day). The Mayor of Bournemouth will be laying a wreath at the War Memorial, Central Gardens, at 11am. There will be an exhibition of the closing years of WW2 in Bournemouth on display in the Bournemouth Library at The Triangle. VJ Day will be commemorated on 15th August 2015.