Local History

Bournemouth has grown from a small village on the Bourne’s estuary to a popular holiday destination with a rich and colourful history.

Beach Hut History

Beach huts have always been a part of seaside history. Today, there are approximately 2,000 beach huts in Bournemouth.

First World War Centenary

World War 1 Centenary Events

Heritage Zone

You can learn about your ancestors and Bournemouth's history at our Heritage Zone. There's also photocopying and scanning services.

The History of Alum Chine and Argyll gardens

Find out how Alum chine and Argyll Gardens started out, and how they have evolved over the years

The History of Bournemouth Gardens

The history of our gardens from their beginnings as marshy land to today

The History Of Fishermans Walk

Find out how this lovely little park came into being and who helps us look after it today.

Pelhams Park History

Pelhams Park history

The History of Redhill Park and Common

How people have changed the area known as Redhill common

The History of Seafield Gardens

Find out how these gardens became the popular recreation ground they are today and the history of the water tower

The History Of Winton Recreation Ground

A snapshot of how Winton recreation ground has developed since it first opened in 1906