Bournemouth Town Centre Vision 2019 - Values and Principles Refresh

The Bournemouth Town Centre Vision 2019 document sets out key values and principles, the purpose of which is to provide:

  • updated stakeholder opinion reflecting economic, social and environmental changes to the Town Centre ten years on
  • a springboard and catalyst for further work, including for investment and promotion
  • up-to-date evidence to inform emerging changes to planning policy

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The vision document was agreed by Bournemouth Borough Council’s Cabinet in February 2019.


What happens next

The document is part of an on-going process to further enhance the Town Centre as a beautiful and healthy place and this will mean continuing conversations with stakeholders, partners and the wider public. This document is another step towards encouraging a dynamic future for the Town Centre it is part of our process of exploration and we’ve learned much from this. 


Approach taken in the document

There are a number of reasons for publishing a new vision document. These include the implementation of many of the ideas in the original 2008 vision, the rapidly changing nature of work, shopping and leisure, the growing demand for new homes, all in the context of growing climate awareness. This process is helping us evolve our thinking.

To help explain the values and different perspectives, the vision is expressed in a variety of ways:

  • Visual – what should the future town centre look like
  • Written – what are the key values for the future town centre
  • Spatial – where are the key areas for change and for conservation
  • Emotional – how will the future town centre be experienced
  • Delivery – how will the future town centre be created.

This refreshed vision takes an holistic view for the town centre and seeks to offer a set of universal and long-lasting principles on which to base decisions and actions, and against which to measure proposals. An agreed set of values is proposed rather than a specific set of projects. Values can last over time whilst projects can be buffeted by economic or political cycles or simply fall out of fashion or lose commercial appeal.

The vision is based on workshops attended by a wide variety of stakeholders including retailers, developers, voluntary and community groups, transport operators, hoteliers, the universities, Bournemouth Development Company, ward members, council officers and others. 

The vision summarises the outputs from those workshops and provides a description of the future town centre – a city-centre-in-waiting.

A specific timescale has purposefully not been defined for the vision which is designed to apply to all stakeholders and across all Council departments – to use as a springboard and a guide to further projects and initiatives.

Our vision and plan will undoubtedly evolve from the picture we’ve created of it here.