Has Your Bin Been Missed?

Waste collection teams empty bins from 5am until 9pm every weekday.

Please don't report a missed collection until the day after your scheduled collection day

Your bins must be out before 5am on your collection day or the night before. Please bring them in after they have been collected. Your bins must be clearly visible to our collection teams and not blocking the pavement.

Food waste bin

Make sure your food waste bin is clearly visible, next to, or on top of, your recycling or rubbish bin.

On your recycling week, your food waste bin is collected on a separate vehicle to your recycling bin.

As part of the collection service, we collect your Big Bin (recycling) and Little Bin (rubbish) on alternate weeks.

If your bin was out on time and hasn’t been emptied by the day after your normal collection, please check known issues before you report it was missed.

A yellow sticker on your bin

If your recycling bin has a yellow sticker, it has not been collected because it has things in it that can’t be recycled.

You must remove the contamination so that your bin will be emptied on your next rubbish collection day.

Garden waste

If you think your garden waste bin/s has been missed, please check the following before reporting it:

  • Have you registered for the 2018 service?
  • Have you put the 2018 sticker we sent you onto your bin?
  • Have you put it out on the correct collection day?
  • Are you sure it doesn't contain waste which isn't garden waste?
  • Are you putting it out for collection at the registered address i.e. not a different road to the rear of the property?