Has Your Bin Been Missed?

Let us know if you need us to pick up an extra load on our next scheduled collection date or if you’d prefer us to collect your rubbish sooner

Bin collections for everyone have been pushed back by one working day to give our crews time to catch up. Please leave your bin out until it has been collected. We aim to have collected every bin by Saturday.

Our waste collection teams are out emptying bins from 5am until 9pm every weekday. Please make sure you put your bins out before 5am on your collection day or the night before and bring them in after they have been collected. Make sure your bins can be clearly seen by our collection teams and aren’t blocking the pavement.

Please make sure your food waste bin is clearly visible by placing it directly next to, or on top of, your recycling or rubbish bin. Please be aware that on your recycling week your food waste bin is collected on a separate vehicle to your recycling bin.

Check you have put your bin out on the correct collection day

As part of the new collection service, we now collect your Big Bin (recycling) and Little Bin (rubbish) on alternate weeks.

If your bin was out on time and hasn’t been emptied by the day after your normal collection, let us know by reporting it.

If your recycling bin hasn't been collected because it has things in it that can’t be recycled, then we will put a yellow sticker on your bin and it will not be emptied until your next rubbish collection day.

The list below shows roads where we haven't been able to collect because of operational problems. We know these bins haven't been collected so you don't need to tell us about them. 


No roads to report.


Our narrow access vehicle is not available today (19/03/18) due to breakdown so some properties on the following road will have their collections affected. Those properties which are missed should leave their bins out and we will return as soon as possible.

  • Belle Vue Road
  • Bolton Close
  • Carbery Lane
  • Castle Parade
  • Christchurch Road
  • Cromwell Gardens
  • Droxford Road
  • Fishermans Avenue
  • Hillbrow Road
  • Holdenhurst Road
  • Old Bridge Road
  • Redhill Drive
  • Riverside Lane
  • Seabourne Road
  • Southbourne Grove
  • Southbourne Lane East
  • St James's Square
  • Tuckton Road
  • Wharncliffe Road
  • Wimborne Road
  • wootton Gardens
  • Wootton Mount
  • Wyncombe Road

Food waste

Food waste containers may not be collected at the same time as refuse. Please leave food containers out visible for collection until 9pm every weekday even if the refuse bin has already been collected.

Do not be alarmed if you see food waste being deposited into the back of the vehicle, rather than the separate pod. We now have separate vehicles collecting food waste only in some instances. These are single-stream collections with only food waste on board.

Garden Waste

If you think your garden waste bin/s has been missed, please check the following before reporting it:

  • Have you registered for the 2017 service?
  • Have you put the 2017 sticker we sent you onto your bin?
  • Have you put it out on the correct collection day?
  • Are you sure it doesn't contain waste which isn't garden waste?
  • Are you putting it out for collection at the registered address i.e. not a different road to the rear of the property?

Missed Garden Waste Roads:

There are no roads reported.

Stanley Road

We are having ongoing problems emptying bins on Stanley Road due to parking on double yellow lines. This illegal parking is blocking our rubbish and recycling trucks from entering the road and emptying bins. If you live on Stanley Road and your bin isn't emptied on your normal collection day please leave it out and we will return and attempt collection again.