Find Out About Garden Waste And Apply

We take away and recycle your unwanted garden waste if you put it in a Garden Waste Bin

Garden waste 2019 collection starts in February 

We have now taken a list. Everyone that registered before 14 January is now being assigned a collection day. Your calendar and sticker(s) and bin (if you requested one) will be delivered to you before your first collection in February. If you registered after 14 January you have missed the deadline for the start of the service. You will be added next month.

If you register for garden waste collection by January 11th 2019, your garden waste collections will start in February.

Registrations will remain open all year round, so if you're not signed up by January 11th, you will be able to register after that.

  • If you register before the 11th of the month, you should receive your first collection the following month.
  • If you register after the 11th of the month you should receive your first collection the month after next.  

You need to register for garden waste collection every year. So, even if you have registered in previous years and already have a garden waste bin, you still need to sign up.

Collection schedule for garden waste

We will collect garden waste every two weeks from 11th February 2019 to 13th December 2019. Each registered household (if registered by 11th January) will get 22 collections. We will send a calendar to you before collections start, so you know what day your garden waste will be collected.  

Terms and conditions

Please read the terms and conditions to the Garden Waste scheme before registering. This is important information that you need to know before you sign up.

Garden waste collection charges

House or a block of four or less flats

You can pay for collection of one, two or three garden waste bins per house/flat. This will cost £43 for the collection of one garden waste bin, £60 for two and £80 for three.

Block of flats with five or more flats

The price will vary depending on what size shared bin your block needs and agreement from the managing agent or committee.

Other ways to recycle your garden waste