Bournemouth Coroner's Service

A coroner is an independent judicial officer, they are assisted by coroner’s officers and secretarial staff.

The coroner investigates and records the causes and circumstances of all deaths where the cause is unknown, or that was violent or unnatural, or occurred whilst the deceased was in lawful custody.

This information is only about our local coroner, you can find out more about the role of a coroner.

If you are concerned about a death you are entitled to raise these concerns with the Coroner. You can contact the Coroner's Officers at:

Coroner's Office for the County of Dorset
Town Hall

Tel: 01202 454910
Fax 01202 454977

The Coroner's team

The Senior Coroner for Dorset is Mrs Rachael Griffin. The Assistant Coroners are Mr Brendan Allen, Mr Richard Middleton, Mr Stephen Nicholls, Mr Grant Davies, Mrs Victoria Cook and Mrs Deborah Rookes. You can contact them at the Coroner's Court Office.

The Senior Coroner for Dorset covers deaths that occur in the administrative county of Dorset or where the body of a deceased person is found in Dorset, even if they died elsewhere.

The Assistant Coroners act when the Senior Coroner is not available. They have the full powers of the Senior Coroner.

Find out about inquest hearings :

You can find all publicly available information here, please don't contact the Coroner's Court office, staff or police press office as they cannot give you any further information.



Inquests to be opened week commencing 10 December 2018

Location : Coroner's Court, Town Hall, Bourne Avenue, Bournemouth, BH2 6DY




Date of Death

Place of Death 

 Place of Residence

Time of Hearing



 Monday 10 December 2018

 Edna Margaret Floyd 22.08.2018   Dorchester Weymouth   1:30pm  89 Richard Middleton 
Tuesday 11 December 2018  

Sarah Siddons 

05.12.2018 Bournemouth   Bournemouth 1:30pm   24 Richard Middleton 

Alan Clive Haynes

06.12.2018 Poole Poole 1:30pm 86 Richard Middleton

Neil Anthony Wentford

30.11.2018 Wareham Wareham 1:30pm 61 Richard Middleton
Wednesday 12 December 2018   Milagros Loigorri  02.12.2018 Poole  Bournemouth  1:30pm   79 Victoria Cook 
  Raymonde Renee Horner 01.12.2018 Bournemouth Milford on Sea 1:30pm 93 Victoria Cook
  Elliott Miles Elwart 09.12.2018 Ferndown Ferndown 1:30pm 29 Victoria Cook
 Thursday 13 December 2018 Evelyn Pettifer  02.12.2018  Poole  Wimborne 1:30pm   101  Richard Middleton
 Friday 14 December 2018

 Martha Leonora Higgs

12.12.2018   Poole Poole  1.30pm   94 Richard Middleton 

Inquests to be held week commencing 17 December 2018

Location : Coroner's Court, Town Hall, Bourne Avenue, Bournemouth,BH2 6DY




Date of Death

Place of Death

Place of Residence

Time of Hearing



 Monday 17 December 2018


Tuesday 18 December 2018 

Roy Walker

18.05.2018 Broadstone Broadstone 10:00am 67 Brendan Allen

Allen Henry Phipps

04.09.2018 Ferndown Ferndown 2:00pm 76 Debbie Rookes

 Wednesday 19 December 2018

Robert Edward Buxton

27.05.2017 Bournemouth Poole 10:00am 62 Brendan Allen

Christopher William Gibbs

03.10.2017 Bournemouth Poole 2:00pm 30 Brendan Allen
Thursday 20 December 2018 

Joyce Edna May Bull

29.07.2018 Poole Poole 10:00am 95 Grant Davies

Ian Michael Peterson

16.05.2018 Christchurch Christchurch 10.00am 82 Brendan Allen

Edmund White

09.06.2018 Poole New Milton 11.30am 97 Grant Davies

Daniel Moore Marsh

05.04.2018 France Bridport 2:30pm 23 Brendan Allen
 Friday 21 December 2018  Paul Trickey 01.06.2018 Blandford Blandford 10:00am 54  Richard Middleton
  Mark John Lillywhite 09.06.2018 Weymouth Weymouth 12:00pm 52 Richard Middleton
  Susan Ann Spencer 13.08.2018 Poole Poole 2:00pm 50 Richard Middleton

Past Cases

If you are researching past cases you have to apply to the coroner in writing first before you can be given the information you're requesting.

Requests for more information 

For more detailed information and/or copies of documents, you need to explain your relationship to the deceased and why you want the information.

Feedback and complaints

Complaints about a coroner's decision or the outcome of an Inquest can only be dealt with through proceedings in the High Court. The coroner's office can explain the procedure, but can't give legal advice.

All complaints about the administration of the Dorset Coroner Service, or the conduct of individual coroners or their officers should first be raised by writing to the senior coroner.

The coroner cannot normally discuss cases which she is or has been involved with, but comments and suggestions on improving the coroner service are always welcome.