Civil Partnerships

Your rights are the same whatever ceremony you have

When you enter a civil partnership, you must repeat the legal declaration from the civil partnership schedule aloud after the Registrar. You, your partner and two witnesses must sign the schedule. 


You can choose to have a ceremony or not. 

If you want a ceremony, you can have this at a Register Office or licensed venue (such as a hotel). Your ceremony can be a quiet signing, or a celebration with your friends and family. 

For more information on ceremony options, visit our Town Hall Marriages and Civil Partnerships page.

Partnership rights

When you’re in a civil partnership, you have partnership rights. These include:

  • Social security and pension benefits, including the right to benefit from a dead partner’s pension.
  • Recognition under inheritance rules.
  • Ability to succeed tenancy rights.
  • Next-of-kin visiting rights in hospital.
  • Ability to gain parental responsibility for each other’s children.
  • Right to register your partner’s death.

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