Converting A Civil Partnership Into A Marriage

Provisions within the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 allow civil partners to convert their relationship into marriage

You do not need to have had your civil partnership ceremony in Bournemouth to have it converted to marriage here.

Converting your civil partnership to marriage

  • The couple attend in person, by appointment.
  • The couple provide evidence of their identity, current address and their civil partnership certificate.
  • The conversion takes place when the couple sign a declaration to confirm that they have not dissolved their civil partnership and that they both wish to convert their civil partnership to a marriage.
  • The declaration is signed in the statutory register office.
  • There is no requirement to 'give notice' and there is to be no ceremony attached to the conversion.
  • The conversion will be registered and a certificate of conversion issued.
  • The couple are not required to go through a marriage ceremony. However, the couple may of course choose to have a celebration ceremony after the conversion, in a location of their choice.

There is no fee for your conversion, if you entered into your Civil Partnership before 29 March 2014 and you complete your conversion before 9 December 2015.

Celebratory ceremonies with Bournemouth Registration Service

If you would like to mark your conversion with a celebratory ceremony we are taking bookings now.

These ceremonies start from just £150 in our Register Office. £375 for our Willows room, any venue other than the Town Hall in Bournemouth £480.

You can have your ceremony anywhere in Bournemouth and it will be conducted by one of our experienced registrars.

Gender change

The provisions of the Act which enable married individuals to change their gender without ending their marriage, also enables couples in a civil partnership to remain in a civil partnership if both obtain a gender recognition certificate on the same day.


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