Marriages and Civil Partnerships

What you need to do and where to have your ceremony

You can get married or have a civil partnership in any register office or licensed venue (such as a hotel, stately home or school) in England and Wales. You don’t have to live in Bournemouth to have your ceremony here. 

You will both need to serve your Notice of Marriage or Civil Partnership, this is a legal requirement and the statutory fee for this is currently £35 each.

You have to Serve Notice of Marriage or Civil Partnerships at the Register Office in the area where you live, if you do not live in Bournemouth then you need to go to your local Register Office, where you Serve Notice of Marriage or Civil Partnership. This does not affect where you wish to hold your ceremony. If you live in Bournemouth please telephone 01202 454945 to make an appointment.

If you are getting married in a Church (other than Church of England) one of the parties to the marriage must live in the parish of the church.

Documents required

We require the following documents because we are looking for proof of nationality, name, age, residency and marital status:  

  • Valid Passport or Identity Card or Birth Certificate (if you do not have a valid Passport and were born after 1 January 1983 then you will need to contact this office for further information regarding documentation required).

  • Decree Absolute or Death Certificate of previous partner

  • Bank Statement with current address (issued within the last month) or Utility bill with current address (issued within the last 3 months) or Council Tax Bill with current address (issued within the last year)

  • Deed Poll Documents (if applicable)

  • Parental Consent Form (if you are under 18 years old)

Photocopies are not accepted. 

Any foreign documents must be produced with a translation certified by the translator by way of their name, signature, date and address.  Some documents may need to be sent to the Registrar General’s Office for verification which could result in a delay before approval to marriage is given.

Fees for Registrars to attend approved premises

Renewing your vows

Any married couple can renew their marriage vows in Bournemouth. Take a look at our Vow Renewal Ceremony leaflet.

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