Marriages and Civil Partnerships

What you need to do to organise a wedding or civil partnership

Where to start 

  1. Choose your venue (places licensed for wedding ceremonies) You don’t have to live in Bournemouth to have your ceremony here.
  2. Check availability and, if possible, provisionally book the venue.
  3. Contact us to check if there is a Registrar available to attend. If so, make your booking with a non-refundable deposit or full amount if booking within 6 weeks of the ceremony.
  4. Contact your chosen venue to confirm your booking and make payment as required by them.

Once you've arranged the ceremony, you and your partner both need to serve your Notice of marriage or civil partnership.

Notice of Marriage or Civil Partnership

Serving Notice of intention to marry/civil partnership means showing proof of who you are, where you live, your nationality and your marital status. This is a legal requirement. Without this your ceremony cannot go ahead. 

To Serve Notice, you have to make an appointment with the Registrar in the Registration District where you live.

  • If you both live in the same District - two Notices must be given in that district. You can attend together but you will each have to give a separate Notice. 
  • If you live in different Districts - you must each Serve Notice in your own District.

To marry in a church (other than Church of England) either you or your partner must live in the parish of the church. Please enquire at your church for further information.

How to Serve Notice if you live in Bournemouth

Please phone 01202 454945 to make an appointment. Our marriage team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Fees to Serve Notice

The statutory fee is £35 each.

Documents you need to bring with you

  • Evidence of your identity and nationality. Preferably a current, valid passport. 
  • If you don't have a passport then two documents such as a driving licence or birth certificate will be acceptable. 
  • If you've been previously married or in a civil partnership you must bring evidence that this partnership has ended, such as Decree Absolute or Death Certificate of previous partner.
  • Evidence of address for example: bank statement with current address (issued within the last month) or utility bill with current address (issued within the last 3 months) or council tax bill with current address (issued within the last year)
  • Parental consent form (if you are under 18 years old)

Photocopies are not accepted. 

Any foreign documents must be produced with a translation certified by the translator by way of their name, signature, date and address. Some documents may need to be sent to the General Register Office for verification which could result in a delay before approval to marriage is given. From the 1 November the government will introduce a fee for processing foreign divorce documents, please contact us for further details. 

After Serving Notice

The Notice of marriage or civil partnership is valid for 12 months.

Once the Notice has been served, you can't change the wedding venue without serving new Notices. 

Renewing your vows

Any married couple can renew their marriage vows in Bournemouth. Take a look at our Vow Renewal Ceremony leaflet.

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