We help our local economy thrive by giving as much support to Bournemouth’s businesses as possible. We make sure that all trading in Bournemouth is safe and legal, and if you’re planning on setting up a new business, we can help you get established. You can also advertise with us to promote your business.

Business Rates 

Business Rates go towards the local services. If you run a business, you’ll have to pay business rates for your commercial property.


You may need a licence, a permit, or to be registered to operate your business. We can issue some of these whilst others are managed on a national level.

Business Support 

We help our economy by supporting businesses in Bournemouth. We can give support, free financial advice, offer grants to new businesses.


Trading Standards 

Trading Standards protect the public from illegal trading. We inspect businesses to make sure these standards are being met.


Starting and Growing a Business 

If you’re starting a business, becoming self employed, or already have a business operating in Bournemouth we offer a range of service that can help you get started or expand.

Supplying the council

How to sell services and goods to us, and current opportunities.

Supplying the council

Food Safety for Business

The Food Safety Team advise local businesses and enforce food law. Our aim is to make sure food and drink that is produced, stored, distributed and consumed in Bournemouth is safe.


Locating Your Business in Bournemouth

Are you an inward investor looking to locate in Bournemouth? We have the UK’s 5th fastest growing economy & feature in the top 15 locations for future growth

Developments in Bournemouth

There is significant development underway in Bournemouth with more planned for the future. This all enhances our position as a premiere destination for living, working, shopping, learning and visiting, ensuring long term social and economic vitality.