Business Rates

Business rates are similar to council tax as they go towards paying for local services. If you run a business, you’ll have to pay business rates. The amount you have to pay is worked out by the business property’s value and the year’s rate multiplier. Small businesses can claim a rate discount.

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A Guide To Your Business Rates

We provide a guide to explain our budgets and spending plans for your local services

What is Discretionary Rate Relief

Further information on the Discretionary Rate Relief scheme.

Revaluation 2017

From the 1 April 2017, the VOA is updating the rateable value of all business properties. Revaluation is done to maintain fairness in the system.

What Are Business Rates?

Business Rates go towards the local services in Bournemouth. Anyone who occupies premises for non-domestic use has to pay them.

FAQ About Business Rates

Business rates are calculated with your property's rateable value and the rate multiplier for the year.

Moving Premises

You need to let us know if you leave your property and move to another premises as your business rate could change.

Unoccupied Non-Domestic Property

If your property has been empty for over three months, you will have to pay the full business rate.

What Are Transitional Arrangements

Transitional arrangements, or transitional relief, helps businesses adjust to rate changes after a revaluation

What Happens if You Don't Pay Your Business Rates

Not paying your business rates is a serious matter. If you leave it long enough, you could be sent to court.

What Is Small Business Rate Relief?

If you run a small business, we can help small businesses by reducing their business rates if their rateable value is under a certain amount

Business Rates - Freedom of Information

Business and domestic properties information reports available under Freedom of Information Act 2000

Mazar's Ruling - The Effect On Business Ratepayers

There is an update on the way the Valuation Office Agency assesses the rateable value of premises where there is more than one occupier