Moving Premises

Let us know when you move or you could be still charged Business rates

When you move your business to a different address, you need to let us know where you’re going. Your rateable value might have changed, affecting the business rate that you need to pay.

When you move, you need to inform us of the following:

  • The account number.
  • The address of the property that you have vacated.
  • The date that you vacated the property.
  • The details of the owner of the property.
  • Your forwarding address.
  • The date you will move goods into the new property (if within Bournemouth area).
  • The date of any subsequent property transfer. For example, freehold or leasehold transfer.
  • The use for which the property is next intended.
  • Any other information that may relate to your liability for Business Rates.

The information will be used to determine the extent of your liability and, possibly, any exemptions or reliefs that you may be entitled to.