What Happens if You Don't Pay Your Business Rates

Late Business Rate payments

If you are having difficulties paying your business rates, please contact us as soon as you can so that we can discuss payment options with you.

Your business rates have a due date.  If you fail to pay by that time, we will send you a reminder/final notice. 

If you don't pay the final notice, you'll receive a summons to the Magistrates Court.  This will immediately add £90.00 to your bill. 

We will then apply to the Court for a liability order.  This adds a further £35.00 to your bill. 

A liability order gives us certain powers to collect the outstanding payment through other means, such as contracting an Enforcement Agency.

Enforcement Agencies

When we pass your debt to an Enforcement Agency, they will charge you £75.00 immediately. Should they start recovery action against you, this will add further charges of at least £235.00. These amounts are not set by us but are statutory amounts and cannot be refunded once charged.