Business Rates - Freedom of Information

Frequent requests concerning business rates

We often receive requests under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 about businesses and non domestic properties.

To make it easier for you to find this information, we now publish commonly requested reports. You can see below when these reports are due to be updated.

Requests Description Download
 Live Properties 

A list of live non -
domestic properties, Indicators for Relief and/or empty properties (as at October 2018)

Live NDR Properties.xlsx
(next update due April 2019) 
 New Ratepayers  A list of non-domestic properties where a limited company has become liable since September 2017

New Ratepayers.xlsx
(next update due November 2018) 

Historic Credit   A list of non-domestic properties where a limited company has a historic credit due. (as at October 2018)

 NNDR Credits.xlsx (next update due April 2019) 

Please note that some of the information available above is exempt from disclosure because S40 Personal Data (where disclosure may contravene the Data Protection Act 2018), The Council is unable to provide you with recorded information where the owner is considered to be a sole-trader or private individual. By doing so, the Council would breach Principles 1 of the Data Protection Act. Private individuals have no expectation that their personal information would be disclosed to the public at large.

If you can't find the information you require, please contact us.