Energy Saving Tips: Water

Reducing the amount of water you use is one of the fastest and most effective ways to save your business money

Here are some quick ideas on how your business can save money:

  • Check taps are not dripping or left running.
  • Make sure you know where your water meter is and keep an eye on your meter readings. Regular readings can help you identify if you have an underground leak before too much water has been wasted.
  • Make sure urinals don’t flush through the night. Devices that prevent urinals from wasting water can pay for themselves in a few months.
  • Check overflow pipes and cisterns for running water.
  • If you can, cut down the hours you have hot water available.
  • If electricity is used to heat water, see if it can be done on a cheap rate tariff at night.
  • Check the insulation around pipe-work and tanks and replace any damaged or missed sections.