Energy Saving Tips for Businesses

Reducing the amount of energy you use is one of the fastest and most effective ways to save your business money

"Businesses in the UK waste on average 10-20% of the energy they buy." (Confederation of British Industry) 

Here are some quick ideas on how your business can save money:


Turning down the thermostat by 1°C can reduce your annual heating bill by 8-10%. It’s a good idea to check your boilers and thermostats; serviced boilers can save you up to 10% on heating costs.


You could cut your lighting costs by 15% by turning lights off in rooms and corridors that aren't being used. Encourage your staff to switch off lights in unused areas or where daylight is adequate.

Use the most energy efficient bulbs available. If you have fluorescent tube lighting, replacing T12 tubes with T8s will reduce the lighting energy demand by 10%.


Your company could be pouring money down the drain by wasting water through leaving taps running, or not fixing leaks and drips.

Duel flush toilets and other water saving devices could help you save money and water at the same time.

Compressed Air

An idling compressor uses around 40% of its full load. To save money, turn compressors off during breaks and when they’re not being used.

More energy-saving ideas

Computer screens, photocopiers and printers should be turned off when not in use and base units turned off at the mains overnight.

You could choose a member of staff to be your energy champion. He or she could promote energy efficiency in your business and help you save on your bills.