Street Food Corner

A great place to enjoy a variety of tasty international cuisine

Street Food Corner, Lower Gardens, is a top choice if you're looking for great-tasting food that you can enjoy al fresco in Bournemouth.

The Street Food Corner ethos is all about great food on the go: pittas stuffed with falafel and hummus, paella packed with succulent prawns, fragrant Thai tapas or freshly grilled Bavarian bratwurst: variety is the spice of life - grab a bite at a great price!

Our traders are a network of quality-checked, registered food traders - so you can be sure that their food meets the highest standards.

Where to find Street Food Corner Lower Gardens

Street Food Corner is in Lower Gardens, Bournemouth. Head from the town centre towards the sea. You'll find us by the flyover, near the Hermitage Hotel and next to the Big Wheel.

We also have a site at Whitecliff recreation ground, Poole.

How can I find out what food is on offer?

The offer changes regularly, with different Street Food vendors on different days (there are two pitches at Lower Gardens, Bournemouth). The site is open daily from 10am - 4pm in the winter, and 10am - 6pm (or later) in the summer months.

Whilst we hope there will always be food on offer, if the weather is bad, or during quieter times, there might not be traders on site.

Find out who's trading via the calendar below.


Want to trade at Street Food Corner? 

We have sites in Bournemouth and Poole. Find out more on our Street Food Trader page or get in touch to book or to find out more.