Chaperone Licence

If you need to look after a child during a public performance, you’ll need to get a Chaperone License. This is valid for one year

Looking after children during public performances

If a child wants to perform in public and their parent or guardian isn’t with them, a Council-approved adult must look after them. They’re called chaperones.

Chaperones should have the confidence to:

  • Take a child out of a performance if it’s in their best interest.
  • Tell sick children to go home if they can’t perform.
  • Tell the director and producer if you think children are being overworked or working in unsuitable conditions.

Getting a licence

If you need to become a chaperone, ask our Child Employment & Performance Officer for an application pack. This will include:

Once the checks are complete, you’ll get an ID badge and certificate, with information about the production you’re chaperoning for. We’ll hold your details. If you need to chaperone for more productions, get in touch with our Officer seven days in advance. 

Your licence will be valid for one year. If you want to renew your licence, you’ll need to complete the Chaperone Application and Rehabilitation of Offenders forms again. The DBS check is valid for three years.


If you’re a professional chaperone, you’ll have to play the following charges:

  • £20 plus VAT for the license.
  • £36 for the DBS check.

If you’re a volunteer chaperone, there are no charges.