Giving Out Leaflets

If you want to hand out leaflets anywhere in Bournemouth you need a permit

Apply for a permit before you start leafleting

Before you can begin leafleting, you’ve got to complete our online application, upload a copy of the leaflet you want to give out, choose the permit you want and pay for it. Then:

  • If we decide you can carry out your leafleting, we issue your permit. 
  • If we decide that your leaflet is not suitable, you have 14 days to upload a revised version. If we don’t receive a suitable revised leaflet within this time, your application will be refused and you won’t be entitled to a refund.

You must make your request at least 5 days in advance, not including bank holidays. Please note, you can't apply more than 1 month in advance.

When you don't need a permit for leafleting

You don't need to apply for a permit if:

  • the leaflet is for religious, political or charitable purposes
  • you are leaving leaflets on a stall for people to take

Permit options and fees

  • 1 month leaflet permit £25
  • 3 month leaflet permit £65
  • 6 month leaflet permit £130
  • 12 month leaflet permit £260

Permit conditions

  • A maximum of 8 people can give out leaflets.
  • You cannot give out leaflets in council car parks, parks, gardens, Pier Approach, the seafront or the Square. 
  • You are responsible for providing a copy of the permit to everyone that’ll be handing leaflets out. The permit must be shown when requested.
  • If you’re an agent, you must get a permit for each business that you are promoting. You must ensure that the business name is on the leaflet.
  • You’re not allowed to leave leaflets unattended for the general public to pick up.
  • It’s the permit holder’s responsibility to pick up all of their leaflets which have been dropped within a radius of 100 metres from the distribution point.
  • The leaflets you hand out must not contain material that is considered racist, sexist, offensive, or that encourages criminal behaviour or irresponsible drinking.
  • You can’t promote offers or discounts on alcohol.

We will withdraw your permit if you do not follow these terms and conditions. If this happens you won’t be entitled to a refund of your permit fee.